365 Wellbeing

365 Wellbeing consists of 12 projects which represent actual services or processes in the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen and Lahti. Projects address different dimensions of wellbeing, focusing in particular on municipal wellbeing services and patient-centered health care solutions.

Honestly-concept from Repicturing Villa Breda project aims to bridge the gap between the experiences of the elderly and the youth.

Students addressing real life cases

365 Wellbeing highlights new working methods in design, such as service design and the opportunities it provides for municipal decision-makers and the general public using the services.

The project are aimed at finding ways of encouraging people to adopt healthier lifestyles and helping designers and municipal decision-makers to design more pleasant and healthier environments.

Examples of the services include redesigning the Villa Breda service home for the elderly in Kauniainen to include cultural services and social events for today’s active retirees, developing the environments and practices in psychiatric care units in Helsinki, reinventing the suburban neighborhoods in Helsinki and Lahti, designing better online services for basic health care and creating smoke-free public environments.

Each project has a team of approximately 15 design students and two doctoral students working closely together with the people in the cities.

The project work and results will be presented in open workshops, online forums and academic journals.

365 Wellbeing is a part of an extensive WDC-program called Living+ and the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 initiative.

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