Rethinking the Premises of Villa Breda Through Design

Rethinking Villa Breda is a research project by Aalto University, which is aimed at repicturing municipal services via rethinking the identity, premises and the service concepts of Villa Breda, a service campus for the elderly. The first part of the course, novel service concepts, concluded earlier this year, and now it’s the time to rethink the premises.

Rethinking Villa Breda – Premises focuses on spatial design, architectural alternatives, etc. from holistic user-centered design point-of-view, especially acknowledging accessibility and design for all solutions. The following are the final presentations of the project.

Villa Breda Family

A workshop with the people living in Kauniainen revealed, that there are certain key needs, such as a place for young people to hang around, more integration between people and more intergenerational activities – all of which can be solved by Villa Breda.

Villa Breda Family (pdf, 3.7 MB)

Villa Breda Home

“Is Villa Breda an institution or a home – of course it should be home!” was the driving point of this research group.

Villa Breda Home (pdf, 8,3 MB)

Invest on Ideas, Not Walls

The third project took at how nursing homes and service campuses are being developed and built, and how these perceptions should change.

Invest on Ideas, Not Walls (pdf, 10.4 MB)


Rethinking Villa Breda project is a part of Aalto University’s 365 Wellbeing and Living+ initiatives, and a part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 program.

For more information please contact the Aalto ARTS media coordinator:

Janos Honkonen, janos.honkonen at, +358-50-408 7758





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