Rethinking the Premises of Villa Breda Through Design

Rethinking Villa Breda is a research project by Aalto University, which is aimed at repicturing municipal services via rethinking the identity, premises and the service concepts of Villa Breda, a service campus for the elderly. The first part of the course, novel service concepts, concluded earlier this year, and now it’s the time to rethink the premises.

Rethinking Villa Breda – Premises focuses on spatial design, architectural alternatives, etc. from holistic user-centered design point-of-view, especially acknowledging accessibility and design for all solutions. The following are the final presentations of the project.

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New Service Concepts for Villa Breda

The Aalto University project Repicturing Villa Breda is working on creating a new kind of service campus that is not only for the elderly, but a meeting place for people of all ages. The first part of the project, which concluded earlier this year, came up with several interesting service concepts, and here are three of them: Honestly, Memo and Ajo.

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ServDes.2012 Attendees Take A Crack At Villa Breda

ServDes.2012 is an international seminar on service design and innovation that is being arranged for the third time. This year the conference, which has been previously arranged in Linnköping and Lancaster University, explores co-creating services.

The first day of the conference gave the attendees a chance to meet each other and to do some hands on work in co-designing projects. One of these was an Aalto University 365 Wellbeing project called Rethinking Villa Breda. The project is about innovating and designing a service campus that is not meant only for the elderly, but for people of all ages. There are at the moment seven student teams consisting of an international mix of design and IDMB-students working with the case, who gave their assignments and ideas for the conference guests to chew on.

A design game is a tool for encouraging discussion and giving rise to new ideas in co-design.

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Villa Breda – tulevaisuuden palvelukampus kaiken ikäisille

“Kuuluuko?” “Ei kuulu!” “No olisihan se pitänyt arvata, että täällä on vanhuksia läsnä”, veistelee kaupunginjohtaja Torsten Widén Kauniaisten kaupungintalolla naurunremakan säestyksellä. Alkamassa on Aalto-yliopiston Rethinking Villa Breda -projektin yleisötapahtuma, jossa teollisen muotoilun sekä IDBM-ohjelman opiskelijoista koostuvat kansainväliset työryhmät esittelevät Kauniaisten alueen vanhuksille, päättäjille ja muille asukkaille visionsa tulevaisuuden palvelukampuksesta. Puhetta ei pidetä tyhjälle salille, vaan ulkona riehuvasta lumimyrskystä huolimatta tupa on niin täynnä kuulijoita, että istumapaikkoja on vaikea löytää.

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Team 2: Wisdom sharing pt.1

During this project our team has considered many different potential directions to work with: preventing loneliness, smoothening the transition between working life retirement etc. But after long discussions, inputs from lecturers and interviews we finally decided on a theme: Wisdom sharing!

This theme seemed interesting for us since it opens up many possibilities for letting the seniors show that their life experience is an asset that can benefit others. Seniors today have lived an extraordinary life and experienced many big changes in society. They have a different perspective on life that can help younger generations. Wouldn’t it be nice to discuss questions in life with an older person that isn’t necessarily your relative?

Our wish is to bring the seniors closer to younger generations and to make both parties realize the benefit of interacting with each other. We have also discussed how the environment can affect the discussions and how this could enhance the experience even more.

Last Friday we had a workshop together with seniors of Kauniainen where we discussed and evaluated our ideas on the subject. The theme received very positive feedback and the workshop provided us with many new insights and ideas. The challenge right now is to find a framework for how the knowledge sharing would be facilitated and how to motivate people to join. Our goal is to be able to evaluate this concept by arranging prototypes and testing it in a real life context.

Kajsa Sundeson, Martina Frantzén, Goran Bjelajac and Panu Harju

Co-designing Future Environments for The Aging Population With Jean Schneider

“Spending one’s life in the home you own is a common representation of an ideal life. But sometimes, when you are aging, that ideal setting becomes a prison”, told professor Jean Schneider to the students working on the Rethinking Villa Breda project. “Most families in France want to get out of the city center, so they move into a house in the suburbs or the countryside. When the children are 20 years old, they move out, and the parents are aging in this big house that’s expensive to heat and exhausting to maintain, where life depends on a car. A lot of them move back to the city center”. The topic of the day is a workshop about co-designing environments for the aging population, and revitalizing existing locations and institutions to serve the needs of the future.

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