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Press Materials

The Project Overview
Repicturing Suburban Neighbourhood
Rethinking Villa Breda
Smoke Free Environments
Design Exploration and Experimentation: Family
Suburb 2072

The 365 Wellbeing Project Work Group

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Photo 1 & 2. People from the project work group. From left to right: Jari-Pekka Kola, Kirsikka Vaajakallio, Liao Tjhien, Katja Soini, Sandra Viña, professor Turkka Keinonen and Kirsi Hakio. Photo: Juha Solla.

Repicturing Suburban Neighbourhood

Information about the project
The project blog

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1. Photo: Saara Kähönen
2. Photo: Malin Bäckman
3. Photo: Malin Bäckman

Rethinking Villa Breda

Information about the project
The project blog

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1. Project coordinators and tutors Kirsikka Vaajakallio and Kirsi Hakio. Photo: Juha Solla.
2. Co-design Workshop: Kirsi Hakio presenting the project to the decision makers, elderly and other inhabitants of Kauniainen. Photo: Janos Honkonen
3. Co-design Workshop: Kirsikka Vaajakallio. Photo: Janos Honkonen
4. Co-design Workshop: In spite of the snowstorm, the Kauniainen city hall was full of people. Photo: Janos Honkonen
5. Co-design Workshop: The audience took part in the conversation very actively. Photo: Janos Honkonen
6. Co-design Workshop: The students of the work groups presented their work to the audience. Photo: Janos Honkonen
7. & 8. Co-design Workshop: The local elderly and other inhabitants of Kauniainen took part in the design challenge, giving the work groups valuable ideas for their projects. Photo: Janos Honkonen

Smoke Free Environments

Information about the project
The project blog

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1. The project team (up, left to right): Corinne Björkenheim, professor Raimo Nikkanen, professor Alastair Fuad-Luke. Down: researchers Jari-Pekka Kola and Tjhien Liao. Photo: Janos Honkonen
2. The visitors in the exhibition opening. Photo: Janos Honkonen
3. How to make electric cigarettes cool. Photo: Janos Honkonen
4. The funeral of the last cigarette. Photo: Janos Honkonen

Design Exploration and Experimentation: Family

Information about the project
Project blog
Family Issues – Exhibition Website

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1. This is the third year Simo Puintila (left) and Maarit Mäkelä (center) have arranged the DEE course. Right: the course assistant Krista Kosonen. Photo: Janos Honkonen
2. Jari-Pekka Kola and Tjhien Liao, the two doctoral students working on the project. Photo: Juha Kolla
3. One wall of the exhibition room is reserved for a tree of sixteen strings, which will show the progress of the creative process of the students. Photo: Janos Honkonen
4. Muhyeon Kim, Riina Oikari and Kalya O’Donoghue tending their branches. Photo: Janos Honkonen
5. One of the groups jump-started their project by pondering what do they actually know about Espoo. The result was a presentation of the city’s past from the prehistory to the modern day, and this funky diorama. Photo: Janos Honkonen
6. Exhibition view. Photo: Milla Toukkari
7. Maarten Den Breeijen, 2012, Action Painting Wagon, recycled wood, various, all kinds of second hand stuff, 140 x 94 x 82 cm (wagon). Photo: Milla Toukkari
8. Kalya O’donoghue, 2012, Siblings, Porcelain, Sand. Photo: Milla Toukkari
9. Jukka Itälä, 2012, Grannygotchi. Photo: Milla Toukkari
10. Jokke Katajamäki, 2012, Grand Piano, plywood, paint, MIDI keyboard, audio, 34 x 25 x 10cm. Photo: Milla Toukkari
11. Riina Oikari, Tools for Infiltrating the World of Mothers, tricot, cotton wool, plastic granule, paper, 30 x 25 cm. Photo: Milla Toukkari

Suburb 2072

Information about the project
The project blog
Suburb 2072 in Facebook

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Photo 4: JPG 1624×1212

Photo 5: JPG 1824×1368

Photo 6: JPG 1824×1368

Photo 7: JPG 1824×1368

Photo 8: JPG 1824×1368

Photo 9: JPG 1368 × 1824

Photo 10: JPG 1024 × 1371

Photo 11:JPG 1024 × 1371

Photo 12:JPG 1024 × 1371


Photo 1: The project coordinators Sanra Viña and Katja Soini. Photo: Juha Solla.
Photo 2: Open Doors in Kontula: The project teams invited the inhabitants of Kontula to come and discuss about their neighbourhood. Photo: Janos Honkonen
Photo 3: Open Doors in Kontula: Mellunkylässä tapahtuu, nyt ja 2072.
Photo 4: Open Doors in Kontula: Avesta Omar presents imaginary postcards from Mellunkylä in the year 2072.
Photo 5: Open Doors in Kontula: Roosa Lehtinen and the wall where the visitors can express their wishes about Mellunkylä in the year 2072 – a pastoral village or a metropolis?
Photo 6: Open Doors in Kontula: Maria Määttölä takes polaroid shots of the visitors.
Photo 7: Open Doors in Kontula: Elina Määttänen and the wall where the visitors can express their view of an ideal Mellunkylä.
Photo 8: Open Doors in Kontula: The inhabitants seem to be divided into two groups: one that finds the area to be a warm, helpful and comfortable community, and another who feel the area to be distant, threatening and scary.
Photo 9: Open Doors in Kontula: How old are you in 2072?
Photo 10: Comfortable sounds. Photo: Elina Määttänen
Photo 11: The finished scenario. Photo: Elina Määttänen
Photo 12: Our shared auditory world. Photo: Elina Määttänen

Videos from Mellunkylä


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